A brilliant history of success and a worldwide reputation!

Sketch of the wheel crown

The Philosophy behind HELVECO

A mix of Design cultures. Beside of its own origin, the Helveco Philosophy extended the brand spirit to different universe culture, with the 5 elements which today give the identity to Helveco.

The wheel crown

Sketch of the wheel crown

The Wheel Crown design is inspired by a Renaissance Italian study from genius Leonardo da Vinci. The wheel is a symbol of cosmos and knowledge. The crown is for virtue, strength and nobility.

The geometric purity of this shape is convenient for all HELVECO products which includes watch-case, cufflink, pen, as well as the leather wallet. Made from high quality stainless steel. The accent color made of lacquer with a possibility of stone-setting.

The wheel crown

The floral collector

Sketch of the floral collector design

The main idea of this group is to create a «Collector» range in the HELVECO Collections: each year, this Floral designs, inspired by the beauty of middle-east textile and carpets patterns will be presented in a new version.

For the first presentation, which could be produced and sold as a "limited edition", we offer 3 different designs in 3 different classic shapes.

The design is made of bi-colored lacquer ground (grey with black, or grey with ivory, or black with ivory, or chocolate and ivory…) on rose-gold plated or silver-plated.

The floral collector

The rose medallion

Sketch of the rose medallion design

The stylish Rose Medallion is a universal symbol of youth, love and rebirth. This design, showing a nice embossed relief, gives more attractive richness and remarkable volume to the HELVECO cufflinks products.

Once again, the combination of Silver Plate with Lacquer and Stones enriches the offer and concept.

The rose medallion


Sketch of the ornaments design

Because of its location in the heart of Europe, Switzerland incorporates the architectural influences from neighboring countries into the decoration of its buildings.

The freestone decoration of the facades reflects classic ornamentation which is derived from architecture in Paris, Munich, Rome, Amsterdam and Brussels. The plant- and flowers-like patterns are mixed with geometric shapes. Every detail evokes the abundance of a new and different culture.


Optical games

Lines intersect with shapes - optical games

Optical illusions and games used by famous modern artists

Geometry often fools us with all resources of its infinite proposals. Lines intersect with shapes, which are placed side by side in space like simple binomials.

Famous modern artists have used these optical illusions and games to build new forms: MONDRIAN, ALBERS, VASARELY, DADAMAINO or RILEY painted or sculpted unusual and timeless attractive combinations.

Optical games used by famous modern artists

HELVECO's history

Helveco Watch The history of Helveco

HELVECO - a brilliant history of success and a worldwide reputation which started over 77 years ago, in Biel (Bienne), Switzerland – the cradle of the Swiss watch making industry.

1939 was the year that Arthur Imhof, who was then the managing director of the "Manufacture de pendulettes d'art Arthur Imhof", launched a brand "which would go down in history of Swiss watch making". He called it HELVECO in reference to the old name of his mother country, Helvetia, attributed to it when it was founded in 1291 and used until the creation of Switzerland that has succeeded so well from the 17th century up until the present day in turning the craft and skill of watch making into a true art.

As soon as they appeared on the market, HELVECO clocks and watches gained a reputation for excellent quality. Although at first the timepieces only indicated the hours and minutes, many special devices were subsequently added such as striking mechanisms and alarms, thanks to which they became references of both beauty and technology not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Japan and North and South America.

In 1998, HELVECO was adopted by the Swiss Watch Trading Co. that has set itself the aim of perpetuating the approach adopted by the founder of HELVECO located in Biel (Bienne), at the heart of an area of Switzerland which has produced generations of master watchmakers, HELVECO is the heir guarantor of Imhof's watch making skill. Emphasizing on every small detail and aiming at technical perfection, the brand also pays attention to the beauty of it's products and the choice of materials used. HELVECO is indeed a Brands that typifies the distinction and high quality of Swiss watch making.

HELVECO 2004: more than 12 years ago the present ceo Rabih Aljord and group of europian designers took charge of reviving the brand by begining more life. Using different concept designers from Switzerland, Italy and France, the aim of maintenance the true, europican spirit. The designers team was involving to complete the elements of beauty and luxury, and precision.

As of 2006 the injection of life to the HELVECO brand was then made possible by taking the decision of adding different products from unity interest for both ladies and gents. And forming the new mix products that gives it a unique character of multi product brand with luxury outlook for daily living.