The difference that matters!

THE WHEEL CROWN (The HC1701BBRG-series) 5H (The HC025rg-series) 3H (The HC031-series) NEW (The HC311rg-series) 3H (The HC063-series)
3H (The HC071rg-series) 4H (The HC083rg-series) 3H (The HC091-series) 2H (The HC116N-series) SQUARE OVAL (The HC181Y-series)
OVAL (The HC196N-series) MEDALLION (The HC231MSRG-series) PYRAMID (The HC241N-series) NAVY (The HC600RN-series) SPEEDO (The HC1566-series)
THE WHEEL CRWON II (The HC1701NN-series) PASSION (The HC3066-series) NAVY II (The HCC201N-series) SHOWCASE

HELVECO – A brilliant history of success and a worldwide reputation

In 1939 Arthur Imhof launched a brand "which would go down in history of Swiss watch making". He called it HELVECO in reference to the old name of his mother country, Helvetia.