Distinction and high quality of Swiss watch making!


The HELVECO brand-name stands for cutting-edge timepieces which are inspired by the nostalgia for the future – the future of classicism, sportiness, and individuality.

HELVECO watches combine each and every look possible – from luxurious classic to daily life sporty fashion. Watches by HELVECO combine different generations and different cultures altogether, suiting the tastes of many yet maintaining the true Swiss spirit as well as precision time-making.


HELVECO does not only stand for Swiss precision in time, it has been injected with life by adding a new product mix to it, in which the writing instruments/pens play an important part.

All HELVECO pens reflect the design, manufacturing skills and attention to detail that you would expect from an exclusively made product resulting in the presentation of an exclusive collection of beautiful and technically modernized pens, sought after by enthusiasts worldwide.

HELVECO Cufflinks

Cufflinks evolved from the "cuff strings" of the early 1500's. Today, most dress shirts have buttons, but the most formal of men's shirts still require a pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks by HELVECO, all of which are made of high quality stainless steel, stand out among the others in their unique designs meeting the tastes of the most demanding. HELVECO cufflinks are for people that appreciate what true luxury is all about: exclusive design, exceptional quality, immense attention to detail and an eye-catching presentation.

HELVECO Leather Goods

An addition to the brand's product mix, the quality of HELVECO leather goods is evident from the first glance, and fully realized when you've used it for several years.

Just as any other product under the HELVECO brand-name, the leather goods come in different designs, finishes, functions, and colors for both ladies and gents.

HELVECO Luxury Gift Sets

HELVECO produces a wide range of products - men's and women's watches, pens, cufflinks, as well as leather goods and key chains, which have been put together in unique and luxury gift sets with a numerous number of options of products, styles, and colors to suit the most demanding. The impact of having a gift beautiful presented cannot be underestimated. Whether it is a gift to that special someone, friend, business-partners, or just to pamper one's self, HELVECO has an offer for every occasion.